As a midwest vendor, I have long desired an industry conference that would push the professional quality of my market. To my satisfaction, the EmpoWEred Planners Conference 2017 did just that. 

Lucretia Williams, a staple of the Columbus wedding industry, was a breath of fresh air. She opened the conference with transparent tellings of her journey to success. Speaker Elana Walker provided much-needed details on how to manage client expectations, while Lakisha Wells provided strategies on how to target and book your dream clients. 

Lucretia's discussion was seamlessly complemented by Jessica Rasdall who detailed the importance of perseverance and not allowing your mistakes to define you. And this was all before the After Party and Doughnut bar. 

As a vendor, I left feeling fulfilled and supercharged by the knowledge that was shared with me. As a friend, I stood in awe as I was able to witness of the community that Lucretia and her team has now given life to. With that, I give you my top five reasons you should attend in 2018.

  1. Cost: This event was extremely affordable, and the benefits far outweighed the cost. 
  2. Heavy Hitters: This conference was laced with professionals who've made huge accomplishments in the industry. Each speaker shared innovated strategies that continued to keep them ahead of their competition. No matter the topic of the speaker it would be hard to walk away without learning something that would push your business forward.  
  3. Transparency: During the conference, each speaker was not only open willing to share their industry successes but also their failures. They were upfront about why things work for them, and the failures they had to experience in order to learn the presented solution.
  4. Nonstop learning opportunities: Not only were speakers forthcoming during their presentations, they also made themselves available for one on one conversations when not on stage. The one on one discussions were helpful in order to better contextualize lectures they gave earlier.
  5. A culture of collaboration: No matter if you were new to the industry or vet in your business, each session encouraged all parties to team up inside and outside of the conference walls. As a professional, I left with more connections than I prior had.