Photo Courtesy of  Kamron Khan Photography

Photo Courtesy of Kamron Khan Photography

On Wednesday, April 8, 2015, Omari and I will celebrate our second marriage anniversary. In light of this, I will be hijacking my regularly scheduled weekly post, and dedicating this one to my favorite newlywed: my husband.

In just two short years, Omari and I have been through a lot together. We’ve been right by each other’s sides through three surgeries (all mine), financial difficulty, a terrifying case of postpartum OCD, the births of our two sons, new jobs, relocation, and many other trials, changes, andjoys. He has taught me so much about myself, inspired me, helped me to grow, and has always protected me. Just a week ago, Omari said something to me that I don’t think he realized impacted me as much as it did. During our daily ride home from work, and during a random moment of clarity he told me, “I don’t miss being single.” In a society that constantly jokes about the supposed peril, dissatisfaction, and unfortunate plight that marriage is, my young, lively, twenty-something husband mentioned that he wouldn’t trade marriage for his bachelor days…even if he could.

I love you Omari. This poem is for you on our second anniversary.

For My Husband

My best rose-colored glasses couldn’t have

prepared me for this

A love greater than mere romance

A journey that spans our time here

‘til death do us part.

My childhood dreams pale in comparison

to this

The knight in shining armor

You’ve rescued me a million times over

With your love, protection, time, and shoulder

You’ve ensured the happily ever after.

My preconceptions didn’t prepare me

 for this

Love that feels like “I do” everyday

A confidant, partner, and friend,

Real love.

God is helping me through this:

The most intimate relationship that I’ll ever have

Vows that I pray I’ll continually fulfill on this path,

With a husband whose love, I know, will always last

Today I rededicate myself to you.

To another year,

...A lifetime of years;

I vow to always love you.


Happy Anniversary, my love.

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