You’ve been patiently waiting, and now it’s (finally) here! Love Notes by Jazzymae is beginning a new series entitled “Notes to Newlyweds” which will highlight and feature couples young and old that are offering expertise to newlywed couples. Excited, right? Well you should be! The series begins this week with a guest post from Cleveland’s own, Mrs. Myesha Crowe! Read below for her advice to newlyweds:


Marriage is the most fragile relationship that two people will ever have, in my opinion. Communication is defined as “the act or process of communicating”, according to  I thought I was an effective communicator until I got married and I found out THAT WAS A LIE! Tony Gaskins stated that, “Communication is to a relationship as oxygen is to life. Without it, it dies.” I agree with that 100%. My husband and I have a great relationship and friendship. We talk throughout the day, we text, and then we discuss our work day later that night. Sounds like I have no issue in communicating right? Wrong! My weakness in communication is when I make plans. Throughout the day family and/or friends will either make plans with me or I will make plans with them. More often than not, I forget to tell my husband about those plans. So then there is the “Oh yeah!” or the “I forgot to tell you!” moments. Communication is definitely my struggle in my marriage. Knowing how fragile marriage is, and how much my husband means to me, becoming a better communicator is a priority and not an option. Everyday my prayer to God is to allow me to be the best WIFE for my husband and to strengthen me where I am weak. To all the newlyweds or seasoned marriages out there, communication is vital to any relationship, but especially your marriage. I take pride in being married to my husband and I will go to the moon and back to keep it that way. Communication is key! Thank you Omari & Angie for this opportunity.

More About Myesha:

Myesha Crowe was born in raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  In 2006, Myesha graduated from John Marshall High School. This was a huge accomplishment, as she was only the second in her family to graduate. In 2010, Myesha was the first in her family to graduate from a four year college, and in 2014 she received her Master’s degree in Social Work. In 2013, Myesha married the love of her life Vince Crowe, and in that same year God blessed them with a healthy and beautiful daughter name Elle. Marriage and motherhood have been her biggest blessings and she is forever grateful to God for trusting her with both.  Myesha is the Assistant Club Director of the Heights Youth Club (Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland). Myesha is also the co-founder of Bike Riding Among Sisters (B.R.A.S.). B.R.A.S. promotes fitness, fun, & friendship through weekly bike rides throughout Cleveland, Ohio.

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